I believe in working hard and being dedicated to my clients. I believe in celebrations of life, marriage, and love. I'm always here to answer your questions, bustle your gown, and deal with your future mother-in-law. I'm your go-to girl, and I can't wait to help you plan your big day!

Hi there, I'm Alex! Whether you opened this portfolio intentionally, or not, I gladly welcome you.

My official title is "Wedding Planner", but that encompasses a few more roles that most people realize. Some days I'm a guru, where I spend hours on the phone answering your various questions. Other days I'm a dreamer, gushing over magazine clippings and color pallets you've been collection for months. Occasionally I'm the voice of reason, when you're pushing the limit on a budget or feeling heated over napkin designs. But most importantly, I'm here for you! Here to help make crucial decisions, guide you along the path, and keep you sane. 

Currently I work at a beautiful wedding venue, Front Porch Farms.  We sit on the rolling hills of Tennessee and overlook the southern charm surrounding our 30 acre property. I wear several hats here, including wedding planning, floral design, and social media manager. When I'm not working at Front Porch I often take on side projects to keep my creative mind active.